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Equipped with most advanced machinery and leading manufacturing technology, our mass lamination service is able to offer total solution to global PCB customers. Particularly, we offer -notch production service of HDI and high-layer-count boards for PCB manufactures, from design to inner-layer processes.  In addition, we are able to offer the most optimal heat dissipation solution upon the specific request of customers.

Advantages to choose our mass lam service:
Including, but is not limited to, the production and inner-layer processes, we specialize in offering a variety of services to assist PCB customers in mass lamination of finer pinch HDI and high-layer-count boards.  Our service targets at lowering the production costs of PCB manufacturers without compromising their product quality, and offering flexibility and scalability for production capacity of customers.


Mass lam 800K SF/month
AL MCM 4 K PNL /month

  • Layers counts : 2~20L
  • Inner Layer Min line width/space: -澳门金沙19222.com2/2 mil ( H oz )
  • Max Working Size: 21.3”*24.3”
  • Board thickness : 10~200mil
  • Min Thickness (Core): 2 mil H/H-98707金沙
  • Layer registration: 2.5mil
  • Tooling hole pitch: ± 3 mil
  • Min Drill Hole Size:5.9mil
  • Min Laser Drill Hole Size:4mil
  • Panel Plating Tolerance : ± 0.15 mil(Through hole < 0.8mil)
  • Drill Hole Aspect Ratio : 6:1
  • Laser Hole Aspect Ratio : 0.8:1
  • Resin Plugging Aspect Ratio :7:1
  • Outer Layer Min line width/space:
    2.5/2.5 mil ( Cu ≦ 1.7 mil )