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Sustainability Management

Sustainability Management

We are committed to sustainability management and minimizing the impact of our operations to the environment. Some highlights of our commitment to the environment are:
  • We adopt ESH (Environmental, Safety, and Health) philosophy and management system. Moreover, two systems, OHSAS18001 and ISO14001, are implemented in the working place.
  • The design of our products are improved in a responsive way in order to meet international environmental standards such as RoHS and the HSF (Hazardous Substance Free) requirements of customers and ourselves.
  • We strictly comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations, including, but are not limited to, Waste Disposal Act, Water Pollution Control Measures and Testing Reporting Management Regulations, and Air Pollution Control Act.

Ethical Corporate Management -金沙娱乐js333.com

  • The Board of Directors has resolved to establish "Code of Ethics" & "Best Practice Principles of Ethical Corporate Management". All employees are required and trained to comply with the said Code and Principles. In order to promote the awareness, the policies are available for access through channels such as intranet, company websites, and various meetings.
  • We have set up the “Code of Business Conducts” to cultivate an enterprise culture for each and every employee of the Company to ensure all business conducted with sincerity and integrity, preventing any misconduct while conducting business.
  • All members of the Company, including Directors, managers, employees, and mandataries are prohibited from, directly and indirectly, offering, promising to offer, requesting, or receiving improper benefits of any sort when conducting business with counterparties. Obtaining or sustaining benefits by conducting business without sincerity and integrity, or in any illegal way, or in breach of fiduciary duty is also prohibited.
  • For any violation of the Principles being found, each member of the Company is urged to report to the contact listed in the following. Based on ethical principles, those who report the violation shall provide the real identity and contact information, to allow us to take appropriate actions. We assure that the whistle-blowers’ identity and the contents of the complaint are kept confidential in order to protect the whistle-blower from retaliation for having filed the complaint.
Corporate Governance Execution
Corporate Governance Execution

Corporate Governance Execution -3016.com澳门金沙

  • In accordance with the Taiwan Company Act, Securities Exchange Act and other relevant regulations, we have formulated "Corporate Governance Principles" to promote the protection of shareholders’ interests, improvement of functions of Board of Directors, and the transparency of the Company’s information; meanwhile to encourage the declaration of rights of interested parties. The said principle can be viewed and downloaded from the Company website.
  • Concurrently, the Finance Department of the Company is acting as the unit to be in charge of the corporate governance affairs in compliance with laws and regulations.

Employee Care and Welfare

  • Human rights
  • The Company complies with all pertinent labor regulations and the international Bill of Human Rights, and has established and adjusted internal management systems accordingly. We do not, and will not, recruit children under the age of 15. We also make every possible effort to ensure that our recruitment policy does not discriminate based on gender, ethnicity, age, marital status, and/or family conditions. We also ensure a working environment that all employees are protected from not being bullied, discriminated, and harassed.
  • The compensation of employees is fairly determined by evaluating the educational background, professional competence, and working performance of the employees.
  • Employees are informed the contact details, including email, phone number, and mail box, of the Human Resources Department, which handles employee grievances. Each case will be handled by a dedicated personnel.
Employee Care and Welfare
  • Employee welfare
  • Employee welfare procedures
    a. We have established an employee welfare committee that, in compliance with laws and regulations, appropriates welfare funds, and manages various welfare activities for employees. The said activities include, but are not limited to, employee domestic and overseas travelling trips. We also organizes a variety of clubs and games on periodical basis. In addition, the Company provides subsidy to individual employee for vacation travelling.
    b. The Company provides holiday bonuses for traditional festival holidays, birthdays, weddings, and funerals for our employees.
    c. The Company organizes and holds training program for employees on periodical basis.
    d. The Company provides free health checkup, labor insurance program, health insurance program, and a variety of group insurance programs for employees to choose among from.
    e. We organize year-end party for all employees on annual basis.
    f. The Company has an employee bonus system, allowing employees to participate in the sharing of management results.
    g. The Company had issued employee stock option certificates.
  • Employee training programs
    The Company provides its employees training programs designed and organized both internally and externally. A study report is required to submit for each attendee of the training courses. The training programs are integrated with the promotion system of the Company. The cost for employee training in year 2017 was NT$1.23 million. The total training hours amounted to 13,942 hours, and on the average, each employee attended a training program for 14.64 hours.
  • Pension and retirement plan
    Pension funds are appropriated monthly, 6% of the monthly salary to individual pension accounts for those who are qualified or voluntarily choose the new pension fund system in accordance with the “Labor Pension Act”.
  • The agreement between labor and management
    All regulations and procedures regarding labor and management relationship are implemented in good condition pursuant to the “Handbook of EMC Employees” and related laws. Since the inception of the Company, there has never been severe dispute between the labor and the management team. In addition, the Company has established an internal communication channel for employees and encourages employees to express their opinions and suggestions to the management team, in order to achieve a better cooperative relationship between labor and the management.
  • Various measures regarding protection of employees’ rights
    Each department of the Company has established protocols and procedures to protect employees’ rights, especially to ensure a safety working environment. In addition, we value the opinions and suggestions from employees, and the Company has dedicated personnel to handle such opinions and suggestions in a way as appropriate as possible.
  • Working environment and safety of employees
    The Company adopts ESH (Environmental, Safety, and Health) philosophy and management system. Moreover, two systems, OHSAS18001 and ISO14001, are implemented in the working place. Sufficient initial training is a must for new employees, and workers in the working place are under stringent supervision to ensure the safety.
    To maintain the health of employees, the Company routinely collaborates with hospitals to provide health checkups for our employees. Depending on the conditions of the working place, special health checkups will also be offered to certain workers. The Company has formulated “Procedures for Ensuring the Safety of Working Place and Health of Employees” to prevent workplace hazards and ensure the heath of each employee.
Marketing, Sales, and Relationship with vendors

Marketing, Sales, and Relationship with vendors

  • The Company has established a customer service unit dedicated to handle customer complaints. The product quality assurance program is designed in a customer-oriented manner.
  • We conduct a poll research on an annual basis to evaluate customers’ satisfaction. If research results fail to meet the pre-established criteria, responsible department is required to undertake an improvement plan, and submit to the management meeting for approval and examination.
  • Prior to conducting business with suppliers, the Company will obtain “Supplier CSR Commitment Declaration”. The legality, code of ethical management, and records of unethical behavior, if there is any, are used as a reference in the supplier selection process.
  • Prior to signing contracts with suppliers, the Company will audit the records of suppliers about their compliance with laws, regulations, and code of conducts in the relevant industries. With respect to the construction contracts, the Company will make sure the turnkey provider obey relevant laws, purchase insurance coverage for construction workers. Above all, bribery is absolutely prohibited and that is written in contracts with suppliers. The Company has made every possible effort to encourage suppliers and vendors to undertake corporate social responsibility. Violation of principles hereinto by vendors will have adverse impact on the cooperative relationship with the Company.

Interested Parties

A、Communication channels and frequency

Interested parties Communication channels Frequency Major ics-金沙娱乐js333.com
Investors -Annual general shareholders’ meeting
-Quarterly and yearly financial reports
-Annual report
-Phones and emails

-Company website

-Analysts’ meeting

-Once per year

-Four times per year

-Once per year
-Responsive actions upon requests
-Responsive update when necessary
-Regular schedule and responsive actions upon requests
Corporate governance
Company business report
Company financial report
Disclosure of material information
Regulatory authorities -Official Letters
-Respond to the written requests from regulatory authorities and provide supplementary information
-Attend meetings and seminars held by regulatory authorities
Immediate response upon requests Regulatory compliance
Execution of regulatory policies
Announcement of regulatory information
Customers -Company website
-Dedicated customer service team
-Dedicated email responding service
-Regular update
-Responsive actions upon requests
Protection of customers privacy
Satisfactory survey of customers
Protection of customers interests
Vendors -Documents in writing
-Paper auditing
-Site auditing
Random audit Rules of procurement
Internal procedures of vendors
Employees -Company website
-Internal announcements
-Employee handbook
-Labor-management conference
-Internal communication meetings
-Training programs
Responsive actions when necessary Compensation and benefits
Career development
Labor relations
Training programs
Working environment
Safety and health
Human rights
Community Charitable activities Unscheduled participation Promotion of environmental awareness



  1. Spokesperson:Phobe Chang Assistant Manager, Administration Section
  2. Deputy Spokesperson:Vicky Chiang Vice Manager, Finance Department
  3. Investor Relations:Joseph Pai


  1. E-mail:hr-emc@mail.emctw.com



Production sites and representative offices

C、To report violations of laws and unethical business behavior

Should any violation of laws be found or should any employee of the Company conduct unethical business behavior, please report to the following:

Complaints email address: ia2@mail.emctw.com

(Based on ethical principles, those who report the violation shall provide the real identity and contact information, to allow us to take appropriate actions. We assure that the whistle-blowers’ identity and the contents of the complaint are kept confidential in order to protect the whistle-blower from retaliation for having filed the complaint.)