How a Allen Roth Gazebo Brought My Family Closer!

Are you someone who enjoys spending time with family? But I also enjoy spending time outside. I love combing the two, but it definitely can be tough when you live in the south and the summers are so very warm. It gets very hot and humid and it can be terrible if you have to sit out in the baking sun just to talk to your family. Thankfully in the past few weeks I have been reading and I have learnt quite a bit about the advantages of gazebos!

They provide quite a bit of comfort against the hot summer sun and they also provide a place for family to sit and enjoy each others company. I personally just bought a new 12 x 14 foot gazebo to help introduce this to my backyard. When I was trying to decide which gazebo to purchase I had to do some research. So thankfully I read the blog I mentioned above, and they really guided me through it! There are plenty of different styles and there are plenty of different materials to make up these styles. I personally thought about what would work the best for my yard, and what would last a while. I didn’t want a gazebo that would only last me a summer, I wanted something that not only looked extremely well, but also had the ability to last quite a few years.

I wanted my gazebo to be a spot where my family could gather and destress after a long day. That being said, it deserves to be high quality, and I want my family to be happy with how it looks. But in the end, I am extremely glad I ended up purchasing this allen and roth gazebo. It has become something me and my family look forward to every night!

The Milton Outdoor Classrooms Teaching Style!

When you were growing up, did you ever have the feeling that you felt school was boring?  Did you ever feel like you would learn better if the teacher taught a different way?  Maybe if they were more interactive?  Or maybe if they were a little more fun?  I know when I was growing up, I always wished that my teachers would be more hands-on.  I couldn’t learn my reading old textbooks all class.  I would read it, but I wouldn’t learn it and understand it.  Thankfully when I got to college and I could start picking my classes, I was able to take some courses that fitted my learning style a litter bit more.

As I grew up, I started to study and learn all about different teaching styles for kids and the effectiveness of it all, and the results were exactly as I thought they would be.  Most kids have a hard time learning and focusing on teaching styles that aren’t very engaging.  This was exactly how I was as a kid, and I knew plenty of other kids that were like that as well.

Because of these findings, I knew i had to start a new system of learning.  And that is exactly what Milton Outdoor Classrooms is all about!  We are here to bring a learning atmosphere in the form of outdoor learning and hands on learning.  We get kids to learn about science by actually seeing it and doing it themselves.  No more reading about all this stuff by reading a twenty year old text book.  We are getting kids to learn about erosion by seeing the active effects of water and velocity.  These kids are literally learning in front of my eyes!

I think this new type of teaching style is definitely the new way of doing things, and I think it will continue to grow in the future!